Friday, January 9, 2009

Domain Disaster

I sometimes daydream about going back in time. With the exception of riding a dinosaur, the purpose of my journey almost always has something to do with making money.

Of course, my initial idea is typical: going back andwinning the lottery on a particular day. That, however, usually involves me being on the news, everyone knowing that I am rich, and me losing friends. I would need something that kept me out of the public eye.

Perhaps the simplest idea I have had is spending a day back in the early ’90s and registering websites for all the big name corporations with the plot to sell them at a later date for millions of dollars once the internet boomed like a supernova.,,, etc. I can picture the faces on the guys at one of the first domain name registrars:

“Looks like Coke decided to join the world wide web,” one bored intern would say as a beep from his computer wakes him from his daydream and notifies him that was just purchased. Subsequently, the same user, this LilYoungmanBrown from Pennsylvania, United States, proceeds to single handedly buy 200 more domains in the period of a few hours.