Friday, February 13, 2009


While circumnavigating the world wide web yesterday, I received one of those dreaded pop-up advertisements. This one offered me a glimpse of “young hotties” from my town. This isn’t the first time I have seen advertisements that are zip-code-specific, but nevertheless it is still somewhat disconcerting that they know the general area I live in (from my IP address, I assume). Either way, I didn’t give much thought to the pop-up. I simply took swift notice of the aesthetics of the bikini-clad “young hotties” that definitely did not live in my town, and clicked the X.

And then something happened.

I have found that clicking the X occasionally brings up another pop-up, which in turn leads to another pop-up. But this time was different. An
extremely perplexing alert popped up. I have documented it below.

This alert had really presented a tough dilemma for me. I was quite sure that I wanted to navigate away from the page – that was not the issue. The issue was that queer middle line.

It was so subtly worded. It did not say “IF YOU CLICK “OK” YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO XXX GAY PORN.” Instead, it simply let me know that if I wanted to avoid gay porn, I just had to click “Cancel.” I’ve never really had to avoid gay porn. I mean, it hasn’t jumped out of the woods into the middle of the road