Saturday, February 18, 2012

3 Happy Things

1) I won something.

While it might be true that I was slightly bitter for being single on Valentine's Day, being single actually worked to my advantage.

My current favorite blogger, The Simple Dude offered a contest where he randomly gave out a $50 Amazon gift card to someone who was single on V-Day.  And wouldn't you know, I was that guy.

So as it turned out, I actually did get lucky on Valentine's Day.  Thanks, SD!

2) I won something else.

The Simple Dude


  1. I hope this apocalypse is at least half as exciting as the two raptures we had last year!!

  2. I'd imagine that it will put the other raptures to shame.

  3. Congrats on the award, but what does it mean when your blog is enchanted? Maybe I need to read back further.

    I think my blog is haunted.

  4. I am not sure what it means, but its an honor nonetheless :)

  5. So you got lucky on Valentines Day because of another guy... Is that akin to finding a sheep, but discovering that the sheep puts out?

    That award was certainly fun, and you were the man for buying Brett his book (meaning Brett got lucky on Valentines Day because of another dude...)

    Moving on, I have discussed this with all my Mayan friends and apparently they are silent on this so called Apocalypse...mainly cause they are all dead.

    But AWESOME that you are Enchanted! I too am looking for the hidden meaning. Did your blog prick it's finger on a spinning wheel? Has it been living with 7 diminutive dudes whilest trying to hide its beauty? Given the spirit of the other item, I'm given to thinking it is this one.


  6. It's funny, in the writing of next week's post, I couldn't locate any of my Mayan friends either.


  7. I can't wait for the apocalypse...just so I can the bank manager where to go

  8. Congrats! Glad you got it. SD is always giving away stuff. When he gives away a car, I'm throwing my name in there for sure!

  9. that's so awesome man!


    anyway,it's another single valentine's year for me too this year! LOL XD

  10. I'm just thankful I survived V-Day without VD.

  11. Nooo! The Apocalypse can't be coming yet! I'm not mentally ready to barter with toilet paper and feast on human flesh!!

    OK, maybe a little. :)

  12.  You were one of the fortunate

  13. Man, you are on a roll. Sorry, but I've been busy and have just started catching up. Congratulations on the enchantment, and hopefully that means a date with Anne Hathaway circa: Brokeback Mountain. Cheers dude.


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