Friday, October 26, 2012

Cloud Atlas

I don't really have much to say in this post.  All I basically do is reiterate stuff that was already said in this article:

So read that.  And if you feel so inclined, read on:

I just saw the midnight premiere of Cloud Atlas.  This fact should signify the level of excitement I had for this film, mostly due to the trailer, which I could not stop watching:

I did not read the book first, but I plan to.  I hadn't heard about Cloud Atlas until I saw the trailer, so I figured I would give the movie the first look.

I'm not sure what I felt about the film as a whole and how it was put together, but it definitely affected me in a way that I can't quite put my finger on.  It certainly affected me as a writer and gave me a surge of inspiration to write some of the "crazier" ideas I have for novels or screenplays but was too scared to write since they are definitely "out there." 

It affected me on a deeper level, though.  Not a spiritual level, necessarily, but on a yea-maybe-everything-is-connected-after-all kind of level.

It has been so long since I have had that type of feeling after leaving the movies.  A feeling that is actually existant, has weight to it.

So again I say: read that article.  We go to movies to escape our everyday lives, right?  But why can't we escape our reality as well?

Yes, I know that I am promoting a movie that I will very-well understand if you hate.  But supporting a movie that you might hate now could open the doors for a movie you love to be created sometime in the future.

It's a very Cloud-Atlasy way of thinking of things, but take into account the fact that if Cloud Atlas wasn't produced into a movie, I wouldn't have receieved the courage to write my crazy ideas that you might see in the future.

And if you love what I write on this blog, you will (hopefully, hopefully) stick with me for a while and eventually come to love something that I write on a larger scale, something which you wouldn't be able to read or see because they don't produce that kind of stuff anymore, because experiments like Cloud Atlas failed.

So go (pay to) see it.  I promise, at the very least, that it will make you ask deeper questions to whoever you saw it with than "Did you like it?"

-Youngman Brown

P.S. I started to write a brief postscript to describe the people who were at the premiere, but it ended up taking a life of its own, as postscripts tend to do.  There's always so much more to say, isn't there?

Anyway, I'll be sure to report what I saw at the movie premiere to you all this weekend.


  1. My husband really really wants to see this movie. I had never heard of it until I saw a commercial, and I still don't really know what all it's about. But I enjoy movies that challenge me to think about things and affect me in a certain way. Whatever way that might be. So, I guess what I'm saying is, you have convinced me to go with my husband to see the movie. Good job.

  2. Hmmm, that's an intriguing idea, to see a movie so that future, innovative movies can be produced. I've never thought of that concept before.

    I was already planning on seeing this movie, but now I'll feel like there is more of a purpose to it, than just seeing an artistic film. Huh.

  3. Why haven't I heard of this?

    I guess you just use it as an inspiration for your own writing, like I do by looking at paintings from other artists which inspires me to try new techniques.

    1. Everything we know, we have seen somewhere else, right?

  4. I've read about this story being told sort of like the Russian dolls with one story fitting inside the next.
    It certainly sounds interesting and looks incredible.

    It won't be this week and probably not the next but I will see this movie in a theater. I am compelled.

    1. Yea, I'm definitely going to read the book after seeing the film. I'm sure it does an even better job with the Russian dolls thing.

  5. Thank you for using "affect" correctly.


  6. I have been on the fence about this movie...the cast looks amazing, and the trailers seem cool, but would it live up to all of the hype? I will go see this at the theater, because I agree that what the mainstream views as a "concept" and not the norm usually gets swept under the rug, and we as movie fans are the ones the lose in the end!! Thank you!

  7. Thanks for the preview, I'm looking forward to going to see this film!

    Will you be doing NaNoWriMo?

    1. No, I am certain that I don't have that kind of time. It sounds like an awesome idea, but the types of novels that I want to write definitely will require more time than one month, and also a great deal of outlining.

      Good luck if you do it though!

  8. I saw the trailer after my cousin called to ask me if I'd read the book. He got REALLY excited about it. I won't did I. The movie looked like it would be...well exactly how you described it was. I haven't seen it yet. He read the book and loved it and now I think I have to do the same. My guy feeling is that I should see it in theaters so the reading may have to wait. I love the vibe behind the trailer...the connectivity of the world (worlds...I couldn't tell). Anyway...great write up. I can't wait to see what this inspires in you, and of course I'm coming along for the ride.

    1. I couldn't stop watching the trailer, it was definitely well done. I really hope you like it!!


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