Monday, November 26, 2012

Panophobia (A "Poem")

I'm so scared

Of what it would be like

If I didn't have


-Youngman Brown

"Panophobia?" you ask ... Let me Google that for you.


  1. Hahaha, love that let me Google that for you site. I don't understand how someone with panophobia could possibly exist. Even the most simple tasks such as getting dressed would be impossible because you have a fear of clothes, standing up, and moving.

    Loved the poem though. Made me think deep and hard, which is in no way related to porn.

  2. Well I for one needed the def. I hope you have some good pills for that! LOVED the google site!

  3. I was originally going to google it myself anyway, but I love the condescending, slow animation of lmgtfy.

  4. I'm panaphobic...really, but I found this an interesting read...and I didn't have to Google it, I'm scared of what I may find!

  5. I have it -- panaphobia, that is. HELP ME, Mr. Wizard! I don't want to be panaphobic anymore.


  6. let me Google that for you is widely used in our office, people still don't do it for themselves tho.

    So are they also afraid of themselves? What are these people doing all day, all they can do is sit around in the dark - no wait they might be afraid of the dark, and sitting....argh

  7. And there's me thinking panophobia is a fear of cooking!


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