Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Somethings and the Something Elses

Or: Writing Has Made Me Bad at Blogging

I hope that this image makes
sense in five years.
Tonight, I remembered that I had written a post about the Cloud Atlas premiere, but had forgotten to actually post it on the blog.

And I was all like, Great!  Now I have something to post tomorrow that is already written!

And I was happy.

But then I opened the post and realized that I needed to add just a tad bit more to the beginning in order to set the scene and needed to add just a wee bit more of a conclusion to make the post hold its own.

So I wrote. 

And I wrote some more.

And I wrote a wee bit more than that.

And suddenly the intro and conclusion that I wrote dwarfed the three paragraphs that I was going to use as a post.

And then, instead of a post, I had this whole big... thing.  This thing that was much more than an account of the people that I saw at the movie premiere.  It had taken on a much larger frame and become about something.  And the things that didn't have to do with that something?  I pulled them aside to be about something else. 

But whether it was the something, or the something else, I realized that I had much bigger fish to fry than just simply adding an intro and conclusion (wee and tad as they may be).

It is the little things.  The little things that you don't realize are actually inherently funny or jarringly telling until you consider them later.  Moments you were going to include as a brief aside suddenly become more than moments.  They become insights, explanations, lessons.

It is incredible how much happens in life.  Boring and mundane thoughts and actions are actually completely interesting, once given thought.  Since I started writing, I began to realize how much can be said about these forgettable moments, but it wasn't until tonight that I realized how much they are going to drive me insane.  Because once they are realized, they beg... no, demand... to be written and included.

They need to be written, right then and there.  To be put into existence, put on paper.  It doesn't matter what you planned on writing or finishing, the somethings and something elses are going to keep coming.  And if you want them to keep coming, they do so on their own terms.

And sometimes, they demand to become posts of their own.  As brief, seething, inconclusive, and abrupt as they might be.

-Youngman Brown


  1. Very interesting topic! My life is pretty boring, so I try to make a big production out of a small occurrence. Those moments for me are usually brief, yet awkward, social interactions.

    But, I loved Cloud Atlas. Twas a great movie (though, I never read the novel).

  2. I identify with this, Youngman. There is usually something interesting in the most mundane of social interactions. And I regularly start what I intend to be a short, punchy post only for it to expand into a novella!

  3. Personally, I think it is the little mundane things that get overlooked that make the best posts. A simple conversation about committing fire ant genocide in the Home Depot and all the odd looks you get from the little old ladies nearby can become the highlight of someone's day.

  4. This is why I have 17 unfinished draft posts sitting in Blogger. Because I can't stay on track. But now you make me consider that that might not be such a bad thing.

    I think I need to take a break from commenting for a while, because oh my God, I just noticed my name is HUGE under people who a crazy stalker person huge! Yikes!

  5. Some of my favorite posts I've written had lives similar to this. I had a story I wanted to tell and as I was telling it, it morphed into something completely different. Its one of my favorite things about writing, even when you know where you want to go, sometimes you end up where you should have been.

  6. Those little moments that become bigger moments, demanding their time in the sun...they are the assholes that usually hinder my sleep. I hear ya on this one. Kudos for just writing it out and silencing them. Me? I have a little prison in my head where I show them who is boss.

  7. Alan Alda said it best. "This life is unimaginably worth living, if you just pay attention to it." So glad you put all those little things into writing to share with all of us Youngman Brown!

  8. I liked this post, and you still have something for another post, score!

    I am rubbish with writing, I just get so overwhelmed with everything, I am better of just scribbling on paper without having to use words.

  9. Yeah it is amazing how one little thing can spur a post, which spurs something else after that. The cat feels your pain, as he is 87 posts ahead at his lane haha


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