Friday, December 21, 2012

Dogs Are (A "Poem") + The Hero Who Saved Mine

Dogs are
Nature's most
Loyal companion.

Who'll never
Leave your side.

There's food
In the other room.

-Youngman Brown

I know I have been writing about my dog a lot lately, but she just got spayed yesterday, so my existence has been very dog-centric.

I've already written about how she came into my life, but head on over to Brandon's blog to read about how he found her in Vegas, saved her life, and found her a home.  

Sadie and I owe him a lot more than a link-share.


  1. Or a dog walking by outside.

    Or a squirrel.

    Or, in my dog's case, when you get on his nerves.

    Loved Brandon's post :)

  2. OMG her paw is on your hand...

    And I say keep the Sadie stories coming! I love them!

  3. I love your poem! So true. My dog is the same way, she's right there up until a cabinet door opens.

    Glad you referred us to Brandon, what a great story!

  4. Sweetest cuddle buddy ever! Will head to Brandon's now. :)

  5. I miss my dog; a daft, clumsy dalmation that showed unconditional, slobbering love to everyone.

  6. A life that is dog-centric is a life well lived. I shall click on the link to read about the rescue of your baby.



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