Friday, January 11, 2013


Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm sorry, but the other night I sat down to write and instead of writing, I found myself redesigning my blog.

Nothing major.  I just made it look a little less-cluttered and changed my color scheme.  The orange/black* just wasn't doing it for me.

*Orange/black only really looks good on my Philadelphia Flyers**.

**And Halloween.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Unless you hate it.  In that case, I don't want to know what you think.  But I'm always open for suggestions.

Oh, and speaking of redecorating: I cleaned my apartment and finally finished unpacking everything from when I moved in back in the summer.

I also finally got my first piece of artwork framed and ready to hang up on my bare walls.  A few months ago, I commissioned Leaurxa to recreate something that I had seen on her blog that I fell in love with:

Awesome, right?

When you look at it, just try to pretend that there's no reflection.  I'm a really bad photographer, but fear not: I am taking a photography course next weekend, so as to cross another thing off of my list of things I want to accomplish this year.

Anyway, you can check out Leaurxa's original picture, sans reflection, along with the entire comic of which it is a part, here.  And check out the rest of her awesome stuff while you're there.

And I'll be around next week to write more stuff for you guys.

-Youngman Brown


  1. The blog looks good! Very clean. And that's awesome artwork!

  2. I really like your new look. Very clean and very readable.

  3. LOve the new look! And ha, these bones make me look fat? TOO funny!

  4. I really do like the new look! I love how simple it is, and especially love the little heart. Very nice.

    And look at you, being all productive and getting so much done. The artwork is awesome, and I really like how it's framed. Very cool. Your walls will be so thrilled to not only no longer be bare, but to have something original and exceptional on them.

    And, I spotted Sadie in the reflection, which always makes me happy, so this post has become a complete success :)

  5. Pft it so sucks,,lol had to.

    Yeah looks great, very clean and easy to read.

  6. I love love love the picture. Three loves.

  7. I like it. Simple is always good.

  8. I like this design much, much better. I tend to like blogs that don't have dark backgrounds because it's easier to read the posts. Sadie looks great, I mean the artwork looks great!

  9. Is that a heart I see?! =]

    I like it. Simple is better. I'd only say make your heading a tad bigger. Good luck with the class - hoping to see more photos coming soon!

  10. I like the new look! Makes it less obvious when I'm checking you out at work ;-) The artwork is creepy great!

  11. Liking the new look! Grey is so underrated!
    And Leaurxa's work is awesome!

  12. Great new look. Clear and easy to read.

  13. I like the new layout.

    And I dunno, I think the doggie watermark on the piece adds to the flair...

  14. Love the new clean look! And...I'm pretty much DYING of envy at your Leauxra print. Beautiful. Why didn't I think of asking her to commission something for me?!?

  15. Personally I don't really like the new look, it seems a bit unfinished, like its missing flair, but I dont know how to design a blog at all so don't listen to me!

    Awesome print, I'll definitely have to check out the artist :)

  16. Looks good. And I can see Sadie!


  17. I do like your new look! Very 2014 (meaning: you are ahead of your time).


  18. I love Sadie sniffing her rib cage. haha. Love the new digs...much cleaner. I like the colors, the grey/white/scarlet. We can keep the orange & black in Flyer chants and sweaters.


  19. Wow! That looks great framed! (Sorry, I've been avoiding the internet for a few weeks, and I only just noticed this). Lookin' good!

    I need to declutter my page, too. Redecorating is HAWT. :)


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