Monday, February 4, 2013


"Gimme somethin'," he said to her.  "Just somethin' to work with, here."

He was shivering, kind of.  

Naturally, she thought he just needed a bump.

He'd been off the stuff for weeks, though.  He was shivering because being honest made his teeth chatter -- as if the vulnerable request of reciprocal love was of a freezing cold nature.  He needed to know that after the snort and fuck, her eyes saw into his soul, too.

"You ain't gotta beg," she said, cutting two lines.

And he took it; he was addicted.  Just not to the stuff going up his nose.

-Youngman Brown

Cue the song:

This is my entry to the 100 Word Song competition on Dude Write, where we write a 100-word piece based on a song.  Head on over to Dude Write and read what it inspired the other guys to write about.


  1. Another excellent piece, sir. Although one must admit that the "stuff" in my story is a lot more difficult to say "no" to :D

  2. I admit, when I read the piece, I thought it was going to be Master of Puppets until you said it wasn't the stuff going up his nose. Great piece.

  3. Another wonderful, well-written piece to add to your collection, and another story about something I'll never understand. The only thing I ever put up my nose are fingers or crayons.

  4. made me sad but it is really well written, i like these short stories!

  5. I want to crawl inside your brain. That is all for now.

  6. nice and edgy. the most interesting characters are.

  7. What an awesome way to enter into the 100 Word Song fray - I can't wait to see more!

  8. kind of obsessed with this.
    kind of.

  9. This was really, really good. Chilling ending.


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