Monday, April 29, 2013

Four Seconds

This all happened in four seconds.

The club is very crowded, very loud.  The three of us are trying to leave to find our other friends outside.  Navigating through a sea of people is hard enough, made even more difficult by the fact they are all dancing.

A girl gyrates in front of me, blocking me, and I lose my grip on Jess's hand as she moves forward through the crowd.  I glance back to see that Andy is still in tow.

Jess isn't ahead of me by much, only a few feet.  But it is enough space for the sharks to get the scent. 


A pretty girl by herself.

Ripe for the plucking, one guy thinks.

He gets up on her.  In front of her and on top of her at the same time.  Blocking her, kind of.  Looking down upon her, from above, like she is this piece of meat that he is about to dominate.  And he seems confident that she is going to like it.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Thoughts are still hard to make, and the thoughts that make it through are hard.

-Youngman Brown

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

YMB Recommends: Epic Mom

"What the hell is 'Epic Mom' and why are you reading it?"

I was tucked away in the men's locker room, like usual.  So that I could read in peace, though it rarely happens like that.  I was reading MOV and Marianne's new book, "Epic Mom: Failing Every Day a Little Bit More Than You," whilst occasionally giggling.

One of my coworkers peered over his locker at me, judging me.  As if a 27-year-old man reading a book called "Epic Mom" all alone in the men's locker room was somehow suspicious.

"Are you an epic mom?" I asked him.


"Are you an epic mom?"


"Well neither am I.  So I'm learning.  Maybe you should too."

He didn't seem too interested.

I suppose I got so defensive because it is such a good book, whether you are a mom or not.  Or even whether you are epic or not.