Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vixie, Champion of Kisses

Vixie, looking well-behaved.

My girlfriend and I are rarely alone on the couch.

If we are on the couch at my apartment, Sadie accompanies us, sitting or standing in whichever spot blocks our view of the television the most.

While we are at Jess's apartment, her dog, Vixie, does the same thing, only adding in the additional trick of laying on her back and moaning for belly-rubs.  Both dogs love to lick my face as much as possible -- a form of kissing that always seems cute on the surface, but is, in fact, completely disgusting.  Especially when you remember some of the things that they pick up with their mouths while on walks.

As such, I usually allow them one good lick before I push them away.

They try their luck a few more times, but are met only with my impenetrable stiff-arm, as I attempt to focus on more important things, like trying to catch all the subtle gems that I missed the first time I watched Lost.

Off the dogs go to their corner of the couch, where they rest their chins on the cushion and stare up at us.

"Woe is me."

Woe is Sadie, too.

Looking at them, you would think that they are depressed from being pushed away.  Sad, innocent little pups.