Thursday, November 13, 2014

Introducing Words + Music

I've been away for like, a really long time.  It is for a very good reason, I promise.

I've been tinkering with something new.  Something weird, kind of.

I call it "Words + Music."  Basically, music videos with storytelling.  Just my words, given to you with the beat and rhythm of my favorite songs.

I could go on describing it, trying to define what it is, and that is exactly what I tried to do in my own head as I conceptualized it and thought about it for months, maybe years.  I finally manned up and just made it. 

It feels good.  But I still don't really know how to define it.

Anyway, just watch it.  And know that it is very different from what you will usually see here.  I highly recommend using headphones, especially with this track.  You might not be used to this type of music, but just go with it.  Lose yourself, if you're able.

I have a few more of these ready to go.  But if you hate it, don't worry -- I have a few blog posts in the works as well.

And hey.  I missed you.

-Youngman Brown

 (Click link to travel to YouTube and watch it in high definition.  Then subscribe.)


  1. I'm at work and unable to watch the video at the moment but it's good to see you back. I'm just getting back into the game myself. Looking forward to more posts!

    1. Thanks, brother. Glad you're back at it.

  2. Completely amazing. I am IN LOVE with this! Well done and welcome back :)

  3. I REALLY like it, and it's nice to see you again.


  4. Okay, that was one of the deepest and bleakest things I've ever witnessed. I couldn't stop watching.

    Glad to see you back!

  5. Hey man I really liked this. I am a sucker for haunting space images set to music. Couple of questions: how long did it take, and what programs did you use? Good job!

    1. I used Adobe After Effects. It is fairly easy, especially with what I'm doing. Some effects take some learning, though.

      It took me a year. Though that was simply due to fear of what people would think.

      I space out my work a lot, but I would guess it took me 20-100 hours of actual work, it is very hard to piece together. That's not including hours spent learning how to use After Effects.

  6. The combination of sound and visuals, together with powerful prose, worked really well, making the whole a distinctive and enjoyable experience. In other words, I liked it.

    Great to hear from you again, Youngman. Don't leave it as long next time!

  7. I love it. It's almost like dancing.

    And hey. I missed you too.


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