Other Blogs I Follow

The following are blogs that I try to read every day, because they are exceptional.

  • Dude Write -- A place for male bloggers/writers to hang out and compete.   I'm the co-editor.
  • Mothers of Brothers -- Poignant and funny, I consider MOV to be like my blogging mother.
  • Change the Topic -- My closest blogging bro.  Wildly diverse, his posts sometimes make me almost cry from laughing so hard, sometimes from being so darn touching.
  • A Beer For the Shower -- Brandon and Brian's cartoons always make me laugh.  Those boys have some serious writing chops as well.  Check out their books.
  • Ash-Matic Does Things -- I always jump to read one of his new posts.  Such a funny storyteller.
  • It's My Mind -- The brains behind Dude Write, a good friend, and a great writer.
  • Simply She Goes -- Kianwi isn't just a terrific friend of the blog, her writing is stellar.
  • According to Jewels -- A great blogging friend, terrific writer/advice-giver, and most importantly, Flyers fan.
  • Kat O Nine Tales -- She thinks about things in a similar way to me, and writes about it superbly.  She's also has a really cute dog.
  • GweenBrick -- Amazing cartoons, narrated in the most wonderfully unique and hilarious voice.  I LOL at least once per post.
  • The Transformed Non-Conformist -- Brett is a genuine good dude, and it shows in his blog.
  • Girl in Beta -- Her writing inspires me.
  • Chiz Chat -- A witty writer with a creative sense of humor.
  • Haley's Comic -- Funny comics that get me every time.  Definitely a gem.
  • Clay Baboons -- One of the most unique and funny blogs.  Stephanie's clay sculptures are awesome.

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